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Why get listed on Extension Hair Salons?

The Answer Is simple. we can’t find you !

Wheather extending hair or regrowing hair , our community has difficulty seeking licensed holistic hair stylists that work with hair loss and provide safe effective services. EXTENSIONHAIRSALONS is for natural and Holistic hair care professionals. With a reach of over 100 of medical platforms a stylist profile is another great way to be represented in your area 

Advantages and Profile Features

Stylist/Salon Bio

Add a heading , boo amd history to encourage clients to learn more about your Nitch and your business 

Website Linking

Get more leads to your website by linking your website to your Extension hair salons profile . The more information the better !


List your area of expertise so clients can narrow down their search and quickly find you in there area

Get Discounts On Events

Get special pricing on our stylist educational events and workshops 

Get Promoted On The Website And Social Media Platforms

Get your interview featured on Extensionhairsalons platforms wirh an audience of over 20,000k

Marketplace Discounted Rates

Monthly Discounts and wholesale hair extensions for Those members On this community

Health and Safety Measures

Allow your clients to feel at ease by letting the measures your taking tk keep them safe and healthy

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Be a part of a network of sought out natural hair care specialist, thinning  hair specialists, braiders, barbers, locticians, Trichologists, weave specialists , and holistic color experts in the US and Canada. Our goal is be a part of the movement of promoting healthy natural hair care by making it easier to connect the community with hair loss , and licensed holistichair extensions hair stylists in their area.

Get listed and found in a directory dedicated to hair loss , hair extensions and healthy hair

Get found easier on a platform dedicated to the clientele you seek. Join over 600 natural hair care specialists, braiders, barbers, locticians, Trichologists, weave specialists, color experts and more in the US & Canada.

Get featured on our website and social media channels

With a full salon profile containing your bio, images, specialties, services, hours, and amenities, get featured to 1000s of our website users and over 25K followers on our social media so new clients can get a chance to get to know you.

List your specialties and services

Get listed under the right criteria. Pick from a list of dedicated specialities for natural hair care and promote the right services you offer to your clients. Give them some visuals by adding profile photos, a photo gallery and video of your salon or services.

Easily connect with clients

We provide all the tools for clients to contact you by phone, email, physical location, and social media. In addition, start a consultation with an email form for your clients to send you pictures and details about their hair before the consult. Take it a step further and use Extension Hair Salons as your  listing site.

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from your profile

Don’t miss out on a chance to easily manage your clients and book appointments directly from your profile. With Setmore integrated, you can now be found and get booked all on one platform. Also take advantage of getting payment deposits and send out reminders to booked clients. Your success is our goal!