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Flattracs is an exclusive method that only takes an hour to attach. It looks natural and costs half of what a full head of individuals would. There is no damage to the natural hair. No special products or brushes are required. The hand-tied hair is sewn on to a thin section of your natural hair. This technique was developed by Cynthia Orr.

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Klix Hair Extensions

Klix Hair, Inc.’s hair extension system, Klixtensions are hand made from high quality human Remy hair. Each strand is individually hand threaded onto a skin-like weft, root to end, maintaining the hairs ‘natural cuticle direction. Silicone lined copper micro links protect while holding the hair.
Invented by professionals for professionals, Klix patent pending system dramatically reduces application time allowing the stylist to apply a full head of extensions in 60 minutes or less. Klix application uses no glue, no fusion, no heat, no tape, and no chemicals. Commitment free, Klix is a moveable and reusable permanent hair extensions system available only to licensed stylists. Read more…

Simplicity Hair Extensions

Simplicity Hair Extensions can be applied in less than 30 minutes. The Extensions are attached with specialized liner tape. This method can be used to add length, volume, highlights, and bangs. Simplicity Hair Extensions are 100% human hair and are sold pre-cut in 38 different colors and a variety of sizes and styles for all over attachment. They last 4-6 weeks with proper care and can be easily removed and reused.

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Keraloc © Hair Extensions

Keraloc © hair extensions involves a human hair weft. A tiny hook tool is used to pull a small but secure amount of your natural hair through the weft and then add a tight, silicone ,waterproof , heat activated seal around the keratin protein bond. This is repeated every half an inch around the weft. This way the weight of the extension is evenly distributed through your whole head Keraloc hair extension will grow out and need to be uplifted every 10 to 12 weeks or 8 weeks if your hair is fine or fragile. The hair extensions can be re–used, as long as you have looked after it will the correct shampoo/conditioner and styling products. This system has been developed and copyrighted by Hot Hedz.

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Glam Hair Extensions

Glam hair extensions is a new technique which uses the finest quality of hair! Highlights include safe, fast, easy and full and flawless look not to mention a completely flat and reusable base which is easy and safe to wear and maintain. It is attached simply with a special medical grade tape and holds for 2-4 months. This method is actually a two sided tape method, where the tape sits on a polyurethane base and is placed on the client’s hair just below the scalp. It is available in many different colors and textures and special orders are made per request.

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Hotheads Hairwear Extensions

Hotheads Hairwear Extensions are pre-cut rounded seamless strips and are easy & fast to handle during application. They are 100% Indian Remi human hair with 2 very thin seamless strips, hair is sandwiched between. Hotheads Hairwear Extensions are permanent and can be worn for 6-8 weeks and reused. They are available in 4 different lengths. There are 27 colors to choose from and you can simply blend your extensions to achieve more than 600 custom shades. Hotheads Hairwear Extensions are available in 3 textures/curl patterns and in unisex extensions.

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Unique VIP Tapex Extensions

Unique VIP Tapex extensions This system employs wefts of the finest human hair for speedy attachment. The Tapex wefts are taped to the client’s hair. The wefts may be cut to size for precise placement. Both methods are attached much faster than single strand methods.

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Bonded Hair Extensions

The weft is applied with adhesive to your hair or to your skin depending on salon and stylist. For some people it will last for many weeks and for others it loosens up after the first shampoo. This method is faster and therefore less expensive than strand by strand extensions.

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